India’s Transgender: From Mortal to Divine Goddesses

Lesson Plan: India’s Transgender…from Mortal to Divine Goddesses

II. While Reading Activities

Word Inference

  1. trance  |trans| noun-a half-conscious state characterized by an absence of response to external stimuli, typically as induced by hypnosis or entered by a medium: she put him into a light trance.
  2. trace |trās| noun- a mark, object, or other indication of the existence or passing of something: remove all traces of the old adhesive | the aircraft disappeared without trace.
  3. deity |ˈdēədēˈdāədē|  noun (pl. deities) a representation of a god or goddess, such as a statue or carving.
  4. tether |ˈteT͟Hər| verb [ with obj. ] making a connection between two objects; ideas.
  5. solemn |ˈsäləm|-adjective-formal and dignified: a solemn procession.
  6. reverence |ˈrev(ə)rəns|-noun deep respect for someone or something: rituals showed honor and reverence for the dead.
  7. celebrity |səˈlebrədē|-noun (pl. celebrities)-a famous person.
  8. expectation |ˌekspekˈtāSH(ə)n| noun-a belief that someone will or should achieve something: students had high expectations for their future.
  9. rivalry |ˈrīvəlrē|-noun (pl. rivalries)competition for the same objective or for superiority in the same field: commercial rivalry | intercity rivalries.
  10. intense |inˈtens| adjective-of extreme force, degree, or strength: the job demands intense concentration | the heat was intense | an intense blue.

Source: New Oxford American Dictionary

Word -Recognition

…during the festival, which takes place in either February or March each year, these troubles are impossibly distant. Any trace of human expression is lifted, and the kothis begin to resemble the deities they worship. The ordinary is tethered to the divine. —The performers crowd into a small room near the temple to apply makeup, a process that can take as long as two hours. By the time they finish, their faces have disappeared beneath a shell of color — half-person, half-goddess.

 Grammar Focus: Prepositions

Unlike transgender people in the West, they leave a conservative mainstream culture for an equally conservative subculture. Some live in communes with a strict network of rules under the authority of leaders they refer to as mothers and grandmothers.