Answer Key: Workers are suing their bosses

Lesson Plan:  Employees Are Suing Their  Employers for Their Work From Home Expenses

II. While Reading Activities

Word Inference

  1. pandemic  |panˈdemik| adjective (of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world.
  2. white-collar |ˈ(h)wīt ˈˌkälər| adjective relating to the work done or those who work in an office or other professional environment.
  3. consequence  |ˈkänsikwəns| noun 1 a result or effect of an action or condition: many have been laid off from work as a consequence of the administration’s policies.
  4. lawsuit  |ˈlôˌso͞ot| noun  a claim or dispute brought to a court of law for adjudication: his lawyer filed a lawsuit against Los Angeles city.
  5. incur  |inˈkər| verb (incurs, incurring, incurred) [with object] become subject to (something unwelcome or unpleasant) as a result of one’s own behavior or actions: I will pay any expenses incurred.
  6. perk |pərk| noun (usually perks) informal  money, goods, or other benefit to which one is entitled as an employee or as a shareholder of a company: many agencies are helping to keep personnel at their jobs by providing perks.
  7. target  |ˈtärɡət| verb (targets, targeting, targeted) [with object] (usually be targeted) select as an object of attention or attack: two men were targeted by the attackers.
  8. reimburse  |ˌrēimˈbərs| verb [with object] repay (a person who has spent or lost money): the investors should be reimbursed for their losses.
  9. dramatic  |drəˈmadik| adjective (of an event or circumstance) sudden and striking: a dramatic increase in recorded crime.
  10. telework |ˈteləˌwərk| verb another term for telecommute. the practice of working from home, making use of the Internet, email, and the telephone.

Source: New Oxford American Dictionary

Grammar Focus:Structure and Usage

I  -2 –consequence

This was another consequence of the mass relocation of office workers.

II    2  – not

Better Mortgage did not respond to emails seeking comment on the case.

III  – 3  – to

Visa declined to comment on the lawsuit.

Reading Comprehension: Identify The  Speakers

  1. Jacob Whitehead, an attorney who has filed about 20 class-action lawsuits. We have tons of these in the pipeline.”
  2. Craig Ackermann, a Los Angeles attorney who has filed about 25 lawsuits. “This is one of those pandemic-related issues that rose very suddenly.”
  3. Troy Seppala, a former refinance sales trainer. “As soon as we started working from home, I realized how much day-to-day money I really had because of how much went toward paying for that stuff.”
  4. Tiffany Calderon, a treasury service associate at Wells Fargo Bank, filed a lawsuit in August. Her bosses have failed to reimburse her and other employees for a variety of business expenses since sending them to work from home in March 2020.
  5. Joshua Haffner, Tiffany Calderon’s attorney. “The cost shouldn’t be shifted to the employees,” he said. “This benefits the business.”
  6. Nicholas Bloom, Stanford economics professor. “For equipment like laptops, webcams, microphones and a work desk, it is reasonable for an employer to pay for this…For more general costs like refurbishing a home office, improved broadband or lunch, that is less common and would depend on a case-by-case basis.”