Answer key: We see Faces in Everything

Lesson Plan: We See Faces in Everything

II. While Reading Activities

Word Inference

  1. *attuned [ uh-toond, uh-tyoond ] adjective aware of and in harmony with some principle, ideal, or state of affairs: We want to ensure that our services are welcoming, inclusive, and culturally attuned.
  2. illusory [ iˈlo͞os(ə)rē ] adjective based on illusion; not real: she knew the safety of her room was illusory.
  3. connect  | kəˈnek(t) | verb [with object] [no object] form a relationship or feel an affinity: I taught in a reading program and I connected with kids individually.
  4. minimal | ˈminəm(ə)l | adjective 1 of a minimum amount, quantity, or degree; negligible: production costs are minimal | a minimal amount of information.
  5. adaptive | əˈdaptiv | adjective mainly technical characterized by or given to adaptation: mutation is ultimately essential for adaptive evolution in all populations.
  6. colleague  | ˈkälēɡ | noun a person with whom one works in a profession or business: she thanked her colleagues in the federation for their work this year | he and his colleagues presented some of these results at the September meeting | Simon was also a very good colleague. 
  7. moniker | ˈmänəkər | noun informal a name: his real moniker is Dave Kennedy.
  8. storm drain | ˈstôrm ˌdrān |noun a drain built to carry away excess water in times of heavy rain. Also called a storm sewer. 
  9. patterns | ˈpadərn |noun 1 a repeated decorative design: a neat blue herringbone pattern.
  10. bi·zarrely | bəˈzärlē | adverb in a very strange or unusual manner: he often dressed bizarrely | a small part of me is bizarrely fascinated.



New Oxford American Dictionary


Grammar Focus: Word -Recognition

I – 1 – worried

Wardle worried her human subjects would laugh.

II – 2-stare

Just stare out, not looking at anything in particular.

III – 1-see

You only need this minimal information to see a face.

Reading Comprehension Fill-ins

Brain-imaging scans show that illusory faces light up a part of the brain called the “fusiform face area” that is central to all facial recognition. Unlike human faces though, illusory faces, even the scariest-looking ones, don’t pose any real or potential threat.