Answer Key: The Political Pundits of TikTok

Lesson Plan: TikToc Teens Prepare For the 2020 Presidential Election!

II. While Reading Activities

Word Inference

  1. *TikTokTikTok is an app for making and sharing short videos. The videos are tall, not square, like on Snapchat or Instagram’s stories.
  2. coalition |ˌkōəˈliSH(ə)n| noun –an alliance for combined action, especially a temporary alliance of political parties forming a government or of states: a coalition of conservatives and disaffected Democrats | the party was only able to govern in coalition with three or even four other parties | [as modifier] : a coalition government.
  3. ideological |ˌīdēəˈläjəkəlˌidēəˈläjəkəl| adjective -based on or relating to a system of ideas and ideals, especially concerning economic or political theory and policy: the ideological struggle that underpinned the cold war.
  4. conservative |kənˈsərvədiv| adjective -holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion.
  5. liberal |ˈlib(ə)rəl| adjective –1 open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values: they have more liberal views toward marriage and divorce than some people.
  6. bipartisan |bīˈpärdəzən| adjective –of or involving the agreement or cooperation of two political parties that usually oppose each other’s policies: educational reform received considerable bipartisan approval.
  7. replicate verb |ˈrepləˌkāt| [with object] –make an exact copy of; reproduce: it might be impractical to replicate eastern culture in the west.
  8. conspiracy |kənˈspirəsē| noun  -(plural conspiracies) a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful: a conspiracy to destroy the government.
  9. debunk |dēˈbəNGk| verb [with object] —expose the falseness or hollowness of (a myth, idea, or belief): the magazine that debunks claims of the paranormal.
  10. misinformation |ˌmisinfərˈmāSH(ə)n| noun – false or inaccurate information, especially that which is deliberately intended to deceive: nuclear matters are often entangled in a web of secrecy and misinformation.



New Oxford American Dictionary

*TiKToK  website

 Grammar Focus: Structure and Usage

I – 3- are

These TikTok users are building short-form TV networks.

II -1- There

There are bipartisan houses for users who love discourse.

III – 2 – is

For many tamping down on misinformation is a top concern.


Reading Comprehension: Identify The  Speakers

  1. Sterling Cade Lewis, 19, with nearly 100,000 followers: “I do feel like TikTok is cable news for young people.”
  2. Izzy, 17, a TikTok member:  I feel like I am making an impact on the election even though I can’t vote.”
  3. Benjamin Williams, 19: “A lot of political stuff is on Facebook and Twitter, but Gen Z isn’t really into that stuff.”
  4. Kyndal, of @liberalhypehouse:  [referring to the misinformation on the platform.] “Knowing that one million impressionable teens have seen this video and chosen to believe or not believe it.”
  5. Cam Higby, 20, the founder of the bipartisan hype house:  “Many members of Gen Z will be voting for the first time in the 2020 presidential election.”