Answer key: Teaching Students Real News from Fake

Lesson Plan: Teaching Students How to Detect  Fake News

II. While Reading Activities: Word Inference

  1. valid |ˈvaləd| adjective-(of an argument or point) having a sound basis in logic or fact; reasonable or cogent: a valid criticism.
  2. parachute |ˈperəˌSHo͞ot| noun- a cloth canopy that fills with air and allows a person or heavy object attached to it to descend slowly when dropped from an aircraft, or that is released from the rear of an aircraft on landing to act as a brake.
  3. determine |dəˈtərmən|verb [ with obj. ]cause (something) to occur in a particular way; be the decisive factor in: it will be her mental attitude that determines her future.
  4. urgency |ˈərjənsē| noun-importance requiring swift action: the discovery of the ozone hole gave urgency to the issue of CFCs.
  5. Misinformation |ˌmisinfərˈmāSH(ə)n| noun-false or inaccurate information, especially that which is deliberately intended to deceive: nuclear matters are often entangled in a web of secrecy and misinformation.
  6. fabricated  |ˈfabrəˌkāt| verbinvent or concoct (something), typically with deceitful intent: officers fabricated evidence.
  7. literacy|ˈlidərəsēˈlitrəsē| noun-the ability to read and write.
  8. skeptical |ˈskeptək(ə)l| adjective-not easily convinced; having doubts or reservations: the public were deeply skeptical about some of the proposals.
  9. conspiracy |kənˈspirəsē| noun (pl. conspiracies)-a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful: a conspiracy to destroy the government.
  10. masquerade|ˌmaskəˈrād| noun-a false show or pretense: his masquerade ended when he was arrested.

Reading Comprehension: Fill-ins

The center has been doing that since before Facebook and Twitter reshaped the media landscape and made it easier than ever to spread fake news. A concern is that teenagers who have never known anything but a smartphone as a source for news need to learn to separate fiction from fact as they work their way around the web.

 Grammar Focus: Structure and Usage


1. It’s like those actors who get discovered overnight.


3.Their lesson plans are aimed at real news.


3. The man fired an assault rifle a couple of times.