Answer Key: Students on the web

Lesson Plan: Students On the Web:  Schools Increase Surveillance

II. While Reading Activities

Word Inference

  1. ruckus  |ˈrəkəs|-noun-a disturbance or commotion: a child is raising a ruckus in class | the current ruckus over same-sex benefits.
  2. taunt taunt |tônt|-verb [ with obj. ]-provoke or challenge (someone) with insulting remarks: students began taunting her about her weight.
  3. glean  |glēn|-verb [ with obj. ]-extract (information) from various sources: the information is gleaned from press clippings.
  4. cumbersome |ˈkəmbərsəm|-adjective-slow or complicated and therefore inefficient: organizations with cumbersome hierarchical structures.
  5. surveillance |sərˈvāləns|-noun-close observation, esp. of a suspected spy or criminal: he found himself put under surveillance by military intelligence.
  6. mocked |mäk|-verb [ with obj. ]-tease or laugh at in a scornful or contemptuous manner: he mocks them as Washington insiders.
  7. monitoring |ˈmänətər|- verb [ with obj. ]-maintain regular surveillance over: it was easy for the enemy to monitor his movements.
  8. optimistic-|ˌäptəˈmistik|-adjective-hopeful and confident about the future: the optimistic mood of the sixties | he was optimistic about the deal.
  9. caution ˈkôSHən|-noun-warning: business advisers have sounded a note of caution.
  10. ostensibly |äˈstensiblē, əˈsten-|adverb [ sentence adverb ]-apparently or purportedly, but perhaps not actually: portrayed as a blue-collar type, ostensibly a carpenter.

Source: New Oxford American Dictionary

Word -Recognition 

  1. For years, a school principal’s job was to make sure students were not creating a ruckus in the hallways.
  2. Some schools are turning to technology to help them.
  3. The problem has taken on new urgency.
  4.  Courts have started to weigh in.
  5. In September, a federal appeals court in Nevada  sided with school officials.
  6. It is a concern and in some cases, a major problem for school districts.
  7. Tracking students on social media comes with its own risks.
  8. He briefly contended with this question last year when students created a blog
  9. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed the claim.
  10. It’s going to be more and more of legal issues.

Reading Comprehension

True /False/NA-Statements

  1. F- Today, educators have more opportunities to monitor students around the clock.
  2. T- Several companies offer services that survey what students do on school networks.
  3. F-A 12-year-old Florida girl committed suicide after classmates bullied her online and offline.
  4. T- Educators need to balance students’ free speech rights against the dangers children can get into at school.
  5. NA- Most online users are under 15 years old.
  6. F-There are risks in tracking students on social media.
  7. F- Geo Listening is a technology company based in Hermosa Beach, in Southern California.
  8. T- Students at Glendale claimed that the officials at G.U.S.D. would not understand what was tweeted most of the time.
  9. NA-The schools with the highest online users are located in California.
  10. T- The courts are becoming more involved in these types of cases with online users.

 Grammar Focus

Structure and Usage

I. 3. Some schools are turning to technology to help them.

II. 3. Tracking students on social media comes with its own risks.

III. 1. Courts have started to weigh in.

IV. Listening Activity   

Video Clip The Best School Computer Filtering & Monitoring Solution

True /False/NA-Statements

  1. F- Students might be more at risk with school computers.
  2. F- According to David  Jones school filters are not enough to block certain material.
  3. T- There are many websites that teach children how to get around school fire walls.
  4. T- Many parents think school computers are safe.
  5. T- Some dangers children encounter online are drugs, cyberbullying, and other illegal activities.
  6. F- School computers are not monitored mainly because of time constraints.
  7. T- ConpuGuradian monitors everything children do on the computers.
  8. F- Educators can monitor every child in the school with this program.
  9. T- ConpuGuradian  offers the program to schools for 30 days free of charge.
  10. F- Parents can also monitor their children while children are at school on their computers.