Answer Key: She gave up English for Lent

Lesson Plan:  This Student Gave Up English for Lent

II. While Reading Activities

Word Inference

  1. Lent (Latin: Quadragesima, ‘Fortieth’) is a solemn religious observance in the Christian liturgical calendar commemorating the 40 days Jesus spent fasting in the desert, according to the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke, before beginning his public ministry, during which he endured temptation by Satan.
  2. podcast  |ˈpädˌkast| noun a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.
  3. exception |ikˈsepSH(ə)n| noun a person or thing that is excluded from a general statement or does not follow a rule: the drives between towns are a delight, and the journey to Graz is no exception | while he normally shies away from introducing resolutions, he made an exception in this case.
  4. challenge  |ˈCHalənj| noun a task or situation that tests someone’s abilities: the ridge is a challenge for experienced climbers.
  5. hierarchy |ˈhī(ə)ˌrärkē| noun (plural hierarchies) a system or organization in which people or groups are ranked one above the other according to status or authority.
  6. tradition |trəˈdiSH(ə)n| noun 1 the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way: every shade of color is fixed by tradition and governed by religious laws.
  7. sacrifice  |ˈsakrəˌfīs| noun • an act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy: we must all be prepared to make sacrifices.
  8. indulgence |inˈdəljəns| noun • a thing that is indulged in; a luxury: Claire collects shoes—it is her indulgence.
  9. secular  |ˈsekyələr| adjective 1 denoting attitudes, activities, or other things that have no religious or spiritual basis: secular buildings | secular moral theory. Contrasted with sacred.
  10. hiatus |hīˈādəs| noun (plural hiatuses) [usually in singular] a pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process: there was a brief hiatus in the war with France.


New Oxford American Dictionary 


 Grammar Focus: Structure and Usage

I – 2 -me

At first, the idea terrified me.

II    3 -through

I would make my way through Spanish-language Netflix shows.

III    2 – frustrating

Writing in a  foreign language can be frustrating.

Reading Comprehension Fill-ins

I challenged myself to broach difficult topics with my parents for the first time: What it meant to be a person of color in America, how it felt to endure heartbreak and how I had returned to a faith that they, having moved back to Korea, had begun to relinquish. In the process, I became a better daughter, writer, friend and a person of faith, if faith is intrinsically linked to the belief that one is but a small part in a greater cosmos of things.