Answer Key: New Wi-Fi Kiosks

Lesson Plan: New Wi-Fi Kiosks Attract Drinkers, Drug Users, and Porn Watchers!

II. While Reading Activities

Word Inference

  1. kiosk |ˈkēˌäsk| noun-• a small structure in a public area used for providing information or displaying advertisements, often incorporating an interactive display screen or screens.
  2. fanfare |ˈfanfer| noun-media attention or elaborate ceremony: he turned 25 on Saturday with little fanfare.
  3. overwhelm |ˌōvərˈ(h)welm| verbgive too much of a thing to (someone); inundate: they were overwhelmed by farewell messages.
  4. digital |ˈdijidl| adjective-involving or relating to the use of computer technology: the digital revolution.
  5. idle |ˈīdl| adjective (idler, idlest) (of a person) avoiding work; lazy.
  6. monopolized |məˈnäpəˌlīz| verb [ with obj. ]get or keep exclusively to oneself: Sophie monopolized the guest of honor for most of the evening.
  7. moratorium |ˌmôrəˈtôrēəm| noun (pl. moratoriums or moratoria |-ˈtôrēə| ) a temporary prohibition of an activity: an indefinite moratorium on the use of drift nets.
  8. browse |brouz| verbscan through a text, website, or collection of data to gain an impression of the contents: he  browsed through the newspaper.
  9. inappropriately |ˌinəˈprōprēətlē| adverb-in a manner that is not suitable or proper in the circumstances: I deny that I have behaved inappropriately.
  10. frustrate |ˈfrəstrāt| verbcause (someone) to feel upset or annoyed, typically as a result of being unable to change or achieve something: (as adj. frustrating) : it can be very frustrating to find that the size you want isn’t there.

Source: New Oxford American Dictionary

Reading Comprehension

Now, yielding to complaints, the operators of the kiosks, LinkNYC network, are shutting off their internet browsers. The switch is an admission that in some neighborhoods, particularly in Midtown Manhattan, the kiosks have created more problems than benefits. Elected officials have demanded changes in the system, saying they were overwhelmed with complaints from residents and businesses about people spending hours entertaining themselves.