Answer Key: Nelson Mandela

Lesson: Nelson Mandela showed Us “What is Possible”

II. While Reading Activities

Word Inference

  1. ailing |ˈāliNG|-adjective-in poor health: I went to see my ailing mother | figurative : the ailing economy.
  2.  reaffirmed [ˌriːəˈfɜːm]- >re·af·firm (Verb)- State again as a fact; assert again strongly: “the prime minister reaffirmed his commitment”.
  3. legacy |ˈlegəsē|-noun ( pl. legacies )-a thing handed down by a predecessor: the legacy of centuries of neglect.
  4. inscriptions > inscription inˈskripSHən|-noun-words inscribed, as on a monument or in a book: the inscription on her headstone.
  5. flanked >flank |flaNGk|-verb [ with obj. ]-be situated on each side of or on one side of (someone or something): the fireplace is flanked by built-in bookshelves.
  6. deference |ˈdefərəns|-noun-humble submission and respect: he addressed her with the deference due to age. Phrases: in deference to; out of respect for; in consideration of.
  7. photo-op  |ˈfōtō äp|-noun-informal term for photo opportunity.
  8. chronic |ˈkränik|-adjective-(of an illness) persisting for a long time or constantly recurring: chronic bronchitis. Often contrasted with acute.
  9. iconic |īˈkänik|-adjective-of, relating to, or of the nature of an icon: language is not in general an iconic sign system.
  10. symbolism |ˈsimbəˌlizəm|-noun-the use of symbols to represent ideas or qualities: he has always believed in the importance of symbolism in garden art.

Sources: New Oxford American Dictionary-The Free Dictionary

Reading Comprehension

True /False/NA-Statements

  1. T- Nelson Mandela is the former president of South Africa.
  2. F- Mr. Obama, accompanied by the first lady Michelle, met for about 25 minutes with Mr. Mandela’s relatives.
  3. F- Graça Machel is Mr. Mandela’s wife.  (Winnie Mandela is his ex-wife).
  4. T- The Centre of Memory  hopes to keep Mr. Mandela’s legacy alive after he dies.
  5. F- A steady stream of mostly white well-wishers gathered outside Mandela’s home Saturday.
  6. F- Mr. Mandela  spent 18 years in a tiny cell in Robben Island.
  7. NA Mr. Mandela will leave a fortune to South African charities.
  8. T- Mr. Obama said that his top priority for the African continent was to help the governments  to establish more stable and transparent democracies.
  9. F- Many South Africans fear that an eruption of violence will occur after  Mandela’s death.
  10. F- Diana Anderson,is a local resident, who arrived outside Mr. Mandela’s house, with her two young children.

Structure and Usage

I. 1- spoken, II.-3-having  III.-3-men

While Listening Tasks

  1.  a. July 18, 1918.
  2. c. seven
  3. c. teacher
  4. a. 1941
  5. b.  African National Congress (ANC).
  6. b. arrested
  7.  c. 71
  8. b. Nobel Peace Prize
  9. a. president
  10. c. 300