Answer Key: My Deaf Son

Lesson Plan: My Deaf Son: “I see his voice. I hear his face.”

II. While Reading Activities: Word Inference

  1. cochlea |ˈkōklēəˈkäklēə| noun (pl. cochleae |-lēˌē, -lēˌī| the spiral cavity of the inner ear containing the organ of Corti, which produces nerve impulses in response to sound vibrations.
  2. audiologist  noun-An audiologist is a health-care professional specializing in identifying, diagnosing, treating and monitoring disorders of the auditory and vestibular system portions of the ear. Wikipedia
  3. guttural |ˈɡədərəl| adjective-(of a speech sound) produced in the throat; harsh-sounding.
  4. cooperate |kōˈäpəˌrāt| verb act jointly;assist someone or comply with their requests: I was cooperating with the FBI.
  5. therapy |ˈTHerəpē| noun (pl. therapies) treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder: a course of antibiotic therapy | cancer therapies.
  6. paralyzed |ˈparəˌlīzd| (Brit. paralysed) adjective-(of a person or part of the body) partly or wholly incapable of movement: he became partially paralyzed.
  7. trauma |ˈtrouməˈtrômə| noun (pl. traumas or traumata |-mətə| ) Medicine physical injury.
  8. give up on -(phrasal verb) someone/something  to stop hoping that something will improve or change.
  9. enroll |inˈrōlenˈrōl| verb (enrolls, enrolling, enrolled) officially register as a member of an institution or a student on a course: he enrolled in drama school |
  10. pristine |ˈprisˌtēnpriˈstēn| adjective-in its original condition; unspoiled: pristine copies of an early magazine.

Source: New Oxford American Dictionary

Reading Comprehension


Micah’s first sign was flower. To sign flower, the right hand grasps an imaginary stem and holds it first against the right nostril and then against the left, and like a flower, Micah blossomed one new sign at a time and took his implants off his head for good.