Answer Key: M.B.A.s Gaining the Most Jobs

Lesson Plan: M.B.A.s Gaining the Most Jobs in 2015!

Word Inference

  1. Conventional  |kənˈvenCHənl| adjective-based on or in accordance with what is generally done or believed: a conventional morality had dictated behavior.
  2. recruit |riˈkro͞ot| verb [ with obj. ]enroll (someone) as a member or worker in an organization or as a supporter of a cause: there are plans to recruit more staff later this year.
  3. specific  |spəˈsifik| adjective- clearly defined or identified: increasing the electricity supply only until it met specific development needs.
  4. impressive |imˈpresiv| adjective-evoking admiration through size, quality, or skill: grand, imposing, or awesome:  impressive achievements in science.
  5. traits  |trāt| noun-a distinguishing quality or characteristic, typically one belonging to a person: he was a letter-of-the-law man, a common trait among coaches.• a genetically determined characteristic.
  6. humility |(h)yo͞oˈmilitē| noun-a modest or low view of one’s own importance; humbleness.
  7. sustainable |səˈstānəbəl| adjective-able to be upheld or defended: sustainable definitions of good educational practice.
  8. persona |pərˈsōnə| (pl. personas or personae |-ˈsōnē| ) the aspect of someone’s character that is presented to or perceived by others: her public persona.
  9. lucrative |ˈlo͞okrətiv|  adjective-producing a great deal of profit: a lucrative career as a stand-up comedian.
  10. proximity |präkˈsimətē| noun-nearness in space, time, or relationship: do not operate microphones in close proximity to television sets.

Source: New Oxford American Dictionary

Reading Comprehension: Fill-ins

For an M.B.A., landing a job at McKinsey is a bit like trying to get into a competitive business school all over again. Except the field is much stronger, made up of only those who managed to pass the first hurdle. But graduates of Kellogg perform quite well the second time around. The school’s M.B.A.s are in demand at elite consulting firms, which hired 35 percent of its graduates last year, a higher percentage than at Harvard (23 percent) and Stanford (16 percent). The top four recruiters at Kellogg in 2014 were McKinsey, Deloitte, Bain and the Boston Consulting Group. McKinsey alone has hired 215 Kellogg graduates over the last five years.

Words as they appear in the article:

landing, trying, competitive, stronger, hurdle, Kellogg, demand, elite, graduates, percentage, recruiters, graduates.

 Grammar Focus: Structure and Usage


This might come as a surprise: Amazon regularly hires more M.B.A.s.


A few desirable soft skills are humility and listening.


Kelley is looking for talented hard workers with the ability to grow.