Answer Key: Life Of PI

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II. While Reading Tasks


•  Vocabulary


  1. It is spoiling nothing to disclose that Pi Patel, the younger son of an Indian zoo owner…a.ruin
  2. Whether a viewer’s good will can survive until the shipwreck is another matter. b. destroy
  3. his younger self… whose life is so besotted by wonder…c. infatuated
  4. Pi grows up in Pondicherry, a serene and picturesque city in South India.b. attractive
  5. …inflected with a hint of exoticism by Mychael Danna’s score…c. out of the ordinary
  6. Pi himself is infused with a godliness… b. filled
  7. After receiving a quick précis of the Gospels from a kindly priest, Pi offers up a prayer…b. summary
  8. Mr. Sharma is a gangly, likable presence, with an emotional expressiveness…a. lanky
  9. Tales of lonely survival have a durable, almost primal appeal…a. basic
  10. Suffice it to say that the simple, elemental facts of sky, sea and animal life are captured with sweetness and sublimity. b. adequate

Source: New Oxford American Dictionary


  • Reading Comprehension


Words as they appear in the article:

spoiling, disclose, Pi Patel, Indian, shipwreck,  Pacific Ocean, adaptation, popular, readable, A middle-aged Pi, tale, life, ordeal,  witness, survive, besotted, piety, wrong.

IV. Listening Activity   

Video Clip:  “Ang Lee’s Interview for his film “Life Of PI”

True/ False

According to Ang Lee:

F- Lee describes himself as a filmmaker  and a story teller.

T- The book examines the illusion and also examines our need to have faith and  our relation to God.

T- The movie is not  strictly religious but it’s faith related and spiritual.

F- It’s  wonderful material, but  its not that film friendly.

T- It’s technically difficult and  expensive.

F- The movie is very loyal to the book but Lee had to consolidate a lot of material .

T- The tiger Richard Parker symbolizes two things: obstacles, and survival. The other is your inner tiger.

F- In life your biggest enemy is yourself.

F- He had 4 tigers to play the role, but most of the parts were digital.

T-The part Lee  liked most was working on digital because it feels like painting to  him.