Answer key: Japan’s Ghosts

Lesson Plan: Japan’s Yōkai  Folklore Returns!

II. While Reading Tasks

Word Inference

  1. lore |lôr| noun-a body of traditions and knowledge on a subject or held by a particular group, typically passed from person to person by word of mouth: the jinns of Arabian lore | baseball lore.
  2. impetuous |imˈpeCHo͞oəs| adjective-acting or done quickly and without thought or care: her friend was headstrong and impetuous.
  3. scholarly |ˈskälərlē| adjective-involving or relating to serious academic study: scholarly journals | a scholarly career.
  4. illustrator |ˈiləˌstrātər| noun-a person who draws or creates pictures for magazines, books, advertising, etc.
  5. vibrant |ˈvībrənt|-adjective-full of energy and enthusiasm: a vibrant cosmopolitan city.
  6. anime |ˈanəˌmā|-noun-Japanese movie and television animation, often having a science fiction theme and sometimes including violent or explicit material. Compare with manga.
  7. popular |ˈpäpyələr|-adjective-liked, admired, or enjoyed by many people or by a particular person or group: he was one of the most popular boys in the school | these cheeses are very popular in Europe.
  8. translate |transˈlāt, tranz-|verb [ with obj. ] express the sense of (words or text) in another language: the German original has been translated into English.
  9. image |ˈimij| noun-a representation of the external form of a person or thing in art.
  10. creepy  |ˈkrēpē| adjective (creepier, creepiest) informal-causing an unpleasant feeling of fear or unease: the creepy feelings one often gets in a strange house.

Source: New Oxford American Dictionary

Reading Comprehension

True /False/NA-Statements

  1. F- Yokai are  mysterious creatures of Japanese folklore.
  2. T- Interest in yokai books have increased in the United States because of Japanese films, books, and video games.
  3. F- Tanuki,  are badger-like, shape-shifting creatures of Japanese lore.
  4. T- In one tale, a tanuki playfully transforms into a steam train.
  5. T- The book Yurei: The Japanese Ghost looks at the history of some of Japan’s most dreaded and beloved ghosts.
  6. F- The yokai themselves are everywhere in Japan, in films and cartoons, on billboards and even on beer bottle labels.
  7. T- Yokai Character Collection is more pictorial.
  8. F- A mokumokuren  is a type of beast.
  9. T- The Hour of Meeting Evil Spirits takes an encyclopedic look at yokai that includes notes on each creature’s appearance and behavior.
  10. T- Pokémon is a  multibillion-dollar toy and video game empire.

 Grammar Focus: Structure and Usage


Both are scholarly texts enlivened by images of the beasts.


The result is a coffee-table book.


Students are heavily influenced by popular culture.