Answer key: Jane Goodall Still Saving Chimps

Lesson Plan: Jane Goodall Is 80 and Still Saving Chimps

II. While Reading Tasks

Word Inference

  1. wildlife  |ˈwīldˌlīf|-noun-wild animals collectively; the native fauna (and sometimes flora) of a region.
  2. subsequent |ˈsəbsəkwənt| adjective- coming after something in time; following: the theory was developed subsequent to the earthquake of 1906.
  3. apprehensive |ˌapriˈhensiv| adjective-anxious or fearful that something bad or unpleasant will happen: he felt apprehensive about going home |
  4. departed|diˈpärtid| –verb [ no obj. ]leave, typically in order to start a journey: they departed for Germany
  5. seasick |ˈsēˌsik| adjective- suffering from sickness or nausea caused by the motion of a ship at sea.
  6. prow |prou| noun-the portion of a ship’s bow above water. 
  7. keen |kēn|-adjective- sharp or penetrating, in particular: (of a sense) highly developed: (of mental faculties) quick to understand or function: her keen intellect.
  8. inspired |inˈspīrd| verb [ with obj. ]-fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative: he inspired his students with a vision of freedom.

  9. resolved |riˈzälvd, -ˈzôlvd|-verb-decide firmly on a course of action: [ with infinitive ] : she resolved to call  her friend as soon as she got home.

  10. satisfying |ˈsatisˌfī-iNG|-adjective-giving fulfillment or the pleasure associated with this: Fleischer’s performance was consummately musical and deeply satisfying.

Source: New Oxford American Dictionary

Reading Comprehension

True /False/NA-Statements

  1. F- Jane Goodall’s hometown was  Bournemouth, on England’s southern coast.
  2. T-Goodall’s childhood dream was to live among the African wildlife.
  3. T-Goodall, at 22, saved for two years to pay for her passage to Kenya.
  4. F- Jane Goodall was on a London dock in March 1957 when she realized that her passport was missing.
  5. T- The Kenya Castle was the name of the ship Goodall boarded to Africa that year.
  6. F- Goodall was  inspired by the stories of Tarzan and Dr. Doolittle when she was 8-years-old.
  7. F- Within two months of her arrival, Goodall met the paleontologist Louis Leakey.
  8. F- Goodall’s first job was to rise at dawn and spend hours clearing away dirt and rock with a pick, in July and August.
  9. T- In July 1960 Goodall boarded a boat to  Gombe.
  10. F- David Graybeard  is the name of the first chimp to accept Goodall.

 Grammar Focus: Preposition Exercise

It’s hard not to wonder how subsequent events in her life rather consequential as they have turned out to be to conservation, to science, to our sense of ourselves as a species — might have unfolded differently had someone not found her passport… Then her family departed, and at 4 in the afternoon, the ship cast off. Twenty-four hours later, as most of the passengers were suffering from seasickness on their traverse across the Bay of Biscay, Jane Goodall was at the prow of the ship — “as far forward as one could get,” she wrote to her family.