Answer Key: It’s OK to be Grumpy!

Lesson Plan: It’s OK to be Grumpy!

II. While Reading Activities

Word Inference

  1. grump | ɡrəmp | informal noun a grumpy person: he proved a fearful grump—not the flicker of a smile. a fit of sulking: he walks off in a grump to the other end of the meadow.
  2. struggle | ˈstrəɡ(ə)l | verb [no object] strive to achieve or attain something in the face of difficulty or resistance: new authors are struggling in the present climate | [with infinitive] : many families struggle to make ends meet.
  3. hospice | ˈhäspəs | noun a home providing care for the sick or terminally ill.
  4. *you/you’ve got this idiom mainly US informal used to tell someone that you believe they can or will succeed in dealing with something: I know you can lose that weight! You got this!
  5. reassured  | ˌrēəˈSHo͝or | verb [with object] say or do something to remove the doubts or fears of (someone): he understood her feelings and tried to reassure her | [with object and clause] : Joachim reassured him that he was needed.
  6. rallying | ˈralēiNG | noun 1 [often as modifier] the action or process of coming together to support a person or cause or take concerted action: a rallying cry.
  7. relentless | rəˈlen(t)ləs |adjective oppressively constant; incessant: the relentless heat of the desert.
  8. happiness | ˈhapēnəs | noun the state of being happy: she struggled to find happiness in her life | Tom’s heart swelled with happiness.
  9. vital  vi·tal | ˈvīd(ə)l adjective1 absolutely necessary or important; essential: | it is vital that the system is regularly maintained.indispensable to the continuance of life: the vital organs.
  10. lingo | ˈliNGɡō | noun (plural lingos or lingoes) informal, often humorous a foreign language or local dialect: they were unable to speak a word of the local lingo.



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*Cambridge Dictionary

Grammar Focus: Structure and Usage

I – 1 – is

She  is smart, funny and unafraid.

II – 2 – to

In other words, if it’s bad to harsh someone’s mellow, it’s sometimes worse to mellow someone’s harsh.

III – 3 – contradicts

She also contradicts herself.

Reading Comprehension: Identify The  Speakers

Therapist Whitney Goodman in TOXIC POSITIVITY: Keeping It Real in a World Obsessed With Being Happy.

  1. “Positivity lingo lacks nuance, compassion and curiosity. It comes in the form of blanket statements that tell someone how to feel and that the feeling they’re currently having is wrong.”
  2. “In other words, if it’s bad to harsh someone’s mellow, it’s sometimes worse to mellow someone’s harsh.”
  3. Positivity ends up being, “a Band-Aid on a bullet wound.”


The happiness scholar Tal Ben-Shahar.

  1.  ” The sun is vital for life on earth.”


Cy Wakeman’s LIFE’S MESSY, LIVE HAPPY: Things Don’t Have to Be Perfect for You to Be Content

  1. “Stress and suffering don’t come from reality, they come from the stories we make up about reality.”
  2. “Anything but gratitude is just a tantrum.”


Nickelodeon actor and YouTube star Josh Peck, HAPPY PEOPLE ARE ANNOYING

  1. “He spent years filling that void with food, drugs and alcohol. That pursuit of happiness resulted first in obesity and then, deftly subbing one substance for another, years of drug addiction.”
  2. When he stopped chasing the pretense of happiness and started spending time in A.A., he began to reclaim his life.”