Answer Key: Inhaling Dessert


Lesson Plan:  Why Eat Dessert  When You Can Inhale It?

II. While Reading Tasks

Word -Recognition 

Words in the order that they appear in paragraphs:

 started, incubate, traditional, opening, investigates,  influence, offshoot

edible, replace, sensorial, run, quick, strange

Reading Comprehension

True /False/NA-Statements

  1. F-Cafe ArtScience is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  2. T-David Edwards is the mastermind behind the Cafe ArtScience.
  3. T-You inhale the small cartridges of dried food particles and nutrients using the AeroLife another of his inventions.
  4. F-For the past seven years, Edwards has been running Le Laboratoire in Paris.
  5. T-Le Laboratoire sits across the hall from Cafe ArtScience in a newish building in the Kendall Square East neighborhood.
  6. F-WikiFoods is a company that develops edible food skins.
  7. NA-Many students from MIT visit the restaurant.
  8. T-French designer Francois Azambourg  helped develop a line of Wiki utensils for the restaurant.
  9. T-Edwards is  a biomedical engineer who teaches at Harvard.
  10. NA-Edwards will be opening another restaurant soon in Boston.

 Grammar Focus

Structure and Usage


The two operations are linked.


Over time the restaurant  will become more established.


The whole operation is a little whimsical.