Answer Key: Hero Teacher

Lesson Plan: Do You  Have What it Takes to Be A Hero Teacher?

II. While Reading Tasks

Word Inference

  1. hurl |hərl| verb throw (an object) with great force: rioters hurled a brick through the windshield of a car.
  2. shove |SHəv| push (someone or something) roughly: police started pushing and shoving people down the street
  3. forbidden |fərˈbidn, fôr-| adjective-not allowed; banned: a list of forbidden books.
  4. disruption |disˈrəpSHən| noun-disturbance or problems that interrupt an event, activity, or process: the schedule was planned to minimize disruption
  5. anatomically |-ik(ə)lē| adverb- of or relating to bodily structure: anatomical abnormalities.
  6. charged  |CHärjd|  adjective-filled with excitement, tension, or emotion: the highly charged atmosphere created by the boycott.
  7. assessment |əˈsesmənt| noun-the evaluation or estimation of the nature, quality, or ability of someone or something: the assessment of educational needs | he made a rapid assessment of the situation
  8. frustration |frəˈstrāSHən|   noun- the feeling of being upset or annoyed, esp. because of inability to change or achieve something: I sometimes feel like screaming with frustration.
  9. mind-set noun [ usu. in sing. ] the established set of attitudes held by someone: the region seems stuck in a medieval mindset.
  10. acceptable  |akˈseptəbəl| adjective-able to be agreed on; suitable: has tried to find a solution acceptable to everyone.

Source: New Oxford American Dictionary

Word -Recognition

As he prepared for publication, Mr. Boland said, he contacted as many students as he could, to tell them about the book and to apologize for his shortcomings as their teacher. Most were gracious, he said; they had too many clueless teachers to get hung up on one.

Grammar Focus: Prepositions

“Teaching in an urban school is a specialty, like surgery.

Especially those working with students from backgrounds that are different from their own.

Teacher training, especially in classroom management, has long been a point of contention between teachers and the city’s Education Department.

Nee-cole is now working part-time at a Whole Foods in Westchester County.

She gets up at 4:30 in the morning to take a bus.”