Answer Key: Handling Questions on the New Job

Lesson Plan:  Handling Personal Questions on the New Job

II. While Reading Activities

Word Inference

  1. millennial |miˈlenēəl| adjective denoting people reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century: most social networking groups are dominated by the millennial generation.
  2. err  |erər| verb [no object] formal be mistaken or incorrect; make a mistake: the judge had erred in ruling that the evidence was inadmissible.
  3. ecosystem  |ˈēkōˌsistəm| noun (in general use) a complex network or interconnected system: Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial ecosystem
  4. inquire |inˈkwīr| verb ask for information from someone: [with direct speech] : “How well do you know Berlin?” he inquired of Hencke | [with clause] : I inquired where he lived | [no object] : he inquired about cottages for sale.
  5. disclose |disˈklōz| verb [with object]make (secret or new information) known: they disclosed her name to the press | [with clause] : the magazine disclosed that he had served a prison sentence for fraud.
  6. quip  |kwip| noun a witty remark. “Flattery will get you nowhere,” she quipped.
  7. credibility |ˌkredəˈbilədē| noun- the quality of being trusted and believed in: the government’s loss of credibility.
  8. essential |əˈsen(t)SHəl| adjective -absolutely necessary; extremely important: [with infinitive] : it is essential to keep up-to-date records | fiber is an essential ingredient.
  9. decipher |dəˈsīfər| verb [with object]  succeed in understanding, interpreting, or identifying (something): an expression she could not decipher came and went upon his face.
  10. defend |dəˈfend| verb [with object] resist an attack made on (someone or something); protect from harm or danger: we shall defend our country, whatever the cost.

Source: New Oxford American Dictionary 


Grammar Focus: Structure and Usage


The social component is an important part of any job.


Try not to stumble over your words.


Having lunch is a good way to get to know your colleagues.


Reading Comprehension Fill-ins

While you don’t need to defend your choices, by simply saying that you prefer not to talk about personal issues in the workplace you will effectively convey the message to your new colleagues not to broach this topic again.