Answer Key: Five Who Spread Hope

Lesson Plan: 5 People Who Made Positive World Changes in 2019

II. While Reading Activities

  1. epidemic |ˌepəˈdemik| noun a widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time: a flu epidemic.
  2. pesticide  |ˈpestəˌsīd| noun  a substance used for destroying insects or other organisms harmful to cultivated plants or to animals. 
  3. exploit verb |ikˈsploit| [with object]  use (a situation or person) in an unfair or selfish way: the company was exploiting a legal loophole | accusations that he exploited a wealthy patient.
  4. solicitation |səˌlisəˈtāSH(ə)n| noun the act of accosting someone and offering one’s or someone else’s services as a prostitute: a woman arrested for solicitation.
  5. depression |dəˈpreSH(ə)n| noun-feelings of severe despondency and dejection: self-doubt creeps in and that swiftly turns to depression.
  6. mental health noun a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being: all this pressure seems to be affecting his mental health | [as modifier] : mental health issues.
  7. hepatitis C |ˌhepəˈtīdis sē| noun -a form of viral hepatitis transmitted in infected blood, causing chronic liver disease. It was formerly called non-A, non-B hepatitis.
  8. infectious |inˈfekSHəs| adjective (of a disease or disease-causing organism) likely to be transmitted to people, organisms, etc., through the environment.
  9. suppress  |səˈpres| verb [with object] forcibly put an end to: the uprising was savagely suppressed.
  10. ballot |ˈbalət| noun -a process of voting, in writing and typically in secret: next year’s primary ballot | the commissioners were elected by ballot.

Source: New Oxford American Dictionary

Grammar Focus: Structure and Usage

I-1Many other individuals also changed the world for the better in 2019.

II- 2 –There’s a bench in the yard of every government-run health clinic in Harare.

III – 1-Because of the price, state Medicaid programs ration their drugs.

Identify The  Speakers

Scott O’Neill fights tropical disease:  “People who understand dengue and live in transmission areas are horrified and scared.”

Kimberly McGrath heals trafficked children:  “Now we know they really are just extremely traumatized youth.”

Dr. Dixon Chibanda transforms global mental health care: I started to realize that psychiatry in an institution is not the way to go. We have to take it to the community.”

Dr. Rebekah Gee makes medicines affordable: “Why couldn’t we change health care in this country?”

Phil Keisling deepens democracy: “For millions of citizens, especially those with uncertain work schedules, family obligations and other daily demands, the traditional polling place has now become the most powerful voter suppression tool of all.”