Answer Key: Combat Zone Classrooms

Lesson Plan: Combat Zone Classrooms…In The U.S.?

II. While Reading Activities

Word Inference

  1. reality |rēˈalədē|noun (plural realities) the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them: he refuses to face reality | Laura was losing touch with reality.
  2. drills |dril| noun-a rehearsal of the procedure to be followed in an emergency: air-raid drills.
  3. barricade |ˈberəˌkād|noun-an improvised barrier erected across a street or other thoroughfare to prevent or delay the movement of opposing forces.
  4. exposed |ikˈspōz| verb [with object]-(often as adjective exposed) leave (something) uncovered or unprotected, especially from the weather: the coast is very exposed to the southwest.
  5. enlist |inˈlistenˈlist| verb-[with object] engage (a person or their help or support): the company enlisted the help of independent consultants.
  6. impromptu |imˈpräm(p)ˌt(y)o͞o| adjective- done without being planned, organized, or rehearsed: an impromptu press conference
  7. tourniquet
  8. cultivate |ˈkəltəˌvāt| verbapply oneself to improving or developing (one’s mind or manners).
  9. eliminate |əˈliməˌnāt| verbcompletely remove or get rid of (something): a policy that would eliminate inflation.
  10. curb |kərb| verb [with object] restrain or keep in check: she promised she would curb her temper.


Reading Comprehension: Fill-ins

These people would prefer to subject our children to daily interactions with armed guards and our teachers to the awful possibility of using deadly force rather than engage in a principled conversation about gun control.

Grammar Focus: Structure and Usage


I took an oath to protect and defend my country.


We  need to strengthen gun control in this country.


The classroom was big, with doors on opposite ends.