Answer Key: Claressa Wins the Gold

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II. While Reading Tasks

•  Vocabulary-Word Inference

1. The public address announcer blared

blared |ble(ə)r|-verb-make or cause to make a loud, harsh sound: [ no obj. ] : the ambulance arrived outside, siren blaring | [ with obj. ] : the radio was blaring out organ music.

2. She started laughing uncontrollably before the announcer could even say her name.

uncontrollable |ˌənkənˈtrōləbəl|-adjective-not controllable: her brother had an uncontrollable temper.

3. “I thought I was gonna have a seizure,” Shields said later.

seizure |ˈsēZHər|-noun- a sudden attack of illness, esp. a stroke or an epileptic fit: the patient had a seizure.

4. Just a teenager — 165 pounds packed with personality, strength and charm…

personality |ˌpərsəˈnalitē|-noun-the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character: she had a sunny personality that was very engaging.

5. At age 11, she wandered into a gym and met Jason Crutchfield, a journeyman fighter …

journeyman |ˈjərnēmən|-noun ( pl. journeymen )-a trained worker who is employed by someone else.

6. In Flint, hope is a precious commodity.

commodity |kəˈmäditē|-noun ( pl. commodities )-a useful or valuable thing, such as water or time.

7. Shields cruised the quarterfinal and semifinal rounds…

cruise |kro͞oz|-verb [ no obj. ]-achieve an objective with ease, esp. in sports: he cruised to an easy victory in Tuesday’s event.

8. At the arena Thursday, she didn’t even notice one of the loudest, most raucous crowds at these Olympics…

raucous |ˈrôkəs|-adjective-making or constituting a disturbingly harsh and loud noise: raucous youths

9. Shields remained the aggressor and added to her lead.

aggressor |əˈgresər|-noun-a person or country that attacks another first.

10. Shields closed out the victory with a decisive final round…

decisive |diˈsīsiv|-adjective-(of a person) having or showing the ability to make decisions quickly and effectively.

Source: New Oxford American Dictionary

• Questions  for Reading Comprehension: True / False

  1. T- Shields, a middleweight,  was the only American boxer at these Olympics — and the first U.S. woman — to win boxing gold.
  2. F- Claressa laughed throughout the medal ceremony.
  3. T- Claressa said that her new prize is something she’ll wear every single day because it represents so much.
  4. F- She’s from Flint, Mich., a hard-luck town where every victory is a big one.
  5. T- Her father served time in prison for breaking and entering.
  6. F- Working daily with Crutchfield, Shields became the youngest boxer to make the U.S. team.
  7. F- Before the fight, Shields listened to music and waited for the bell.
  8. T-The U.S. men’s boxers  had disappointing performances.
  9. T- Claressa stated, “I might have 10,000 followers when I get back on Twitter,”.
  10. F-Shields will begin her senior year of high school soon and says she doesn’t know whether she’ll try to defend her Olympic title in 2016.

•  Grammar Focus: Identifying Parts of Speech


earned, is, worked, explain, went,  deal with  [cope with] Working, became, make, come, did, helped,