Answer key: Brett Kavanaugh

Lesson Plan: Is Brett Kavanaugh Believable?

II. While Reading Activities

Word Inference

  1. bedrock |ˈbedˌräk| noun• the fundamental principles on which something is based: honesty is the bedrock of a good relationship.
  2. raucous|ˈrôkəs|adjective-making or constituting a disturbingly harsh and loud noise: raucous youths.
  3. devout |dəˈvout|adjective-having or showing deep religious feeling or commitment: she was a devout Catholic | a rabbi’s devout prayers.
  4. inebriated verb |iˈnēbrēˌāt| [with object] (often as adjective inebriated) make (someone) drunk; intoxicate.
  5. contradict ˌkäntrəˈdikt|verb [with object] -deny the truth of (a statement), especially by asserting the opposite: the survey appears to contradict the industry’s claims | he did not contradict what he said last week.
  6. memoir |ˈmemˌwär| noun 1 a historical account or biography written from personal knowledge or special sources: in 1924 she published a short memoir of her husband.
  7. acknowledged |əkˈnäləjd| adjective-• accepted as valid or legitimate: an acknowledged brand leader.
  8. credulity |krəˈd(y)o͞olədē| noun-a tendency to be too ready to believe that something is real or true.
  9. penchant |ˈpen(t)SH(ə)nt| noun[usually in singular] a strong or habitual liking for something or tendency to do something: he has a penchant for adopting stray dogs.
  10. pious|ˈpīəs| adjective -devoutly religious.

Source: New Oxford American Dictionary

Reading Comprehension


Kavanaugh disclaimed knowledge of the fact that, as a Bush White House aide, he had been using stolen Democratic intelligence in plotting strategy to confirm judicial nominees. A Senate Republican aide had purloined it from Senate Democratic computer files.

Grammar Focus:

Word -Recognition

Time and again, Kavanaugh appears to have misled the Senate under oath. Republican rejected those earlier Democratic credibility complaints as simple partisanship. Now, seeking to shield himself from his female accusers, Kavanaugh has invited new ones.