Answer Key: Bodice rippers

Lesson Plan: To Guide Today’s Youth “We Need Bodice-Ripper Sex Ed”

II. While Reading Activities

Word Inference

  1. monogamous |məˈnäɡəməs| adjective- involving marriage to one person at a time: under Canadian law all marriages must be monogamous.
  2. pop culture noun-modern popular culture transmitted via mass media and aimed particularly at younger people.
  3. glimpse |ɡlim(p)s| noun-a momentary or partial view: she caught a glimpse of the ocean | a glimpse into the world of the wealthy.
  4. cue |kyo͞o| noun-a hint or indication about how to behave in particular circumstances: my teacher joked about such attitudes and I followed her cue.
  5. consensual |kənˈsen(t)SH(əw)əl| adjective-relating to or involving consent or consensus: he admitted to having consensual sex with two women | decision-making was consensual.
  6. scorn |skôrn| noun-the feeling or belief that someone or something is worthless or despicable; contempt: I do not wish to become the object of scorn | [in singular] : a general scorn for human life.
  7. subversive |səbˈvərsiv| adjective- seeking or intended to subvert an established system or institution: subversive literature.
  8. feminist |ˈfemənəst| noun a person who supports feminism.
  9. blissful |ˈblisfəl| adjective- extremely happy; full of joy: a blissful couple holding a baby.  providing perfect happiness or great joy: the blissful caress of cool cotton sheets.
  10. objectification |əbˌjektəfəˈkāSH(ə)n| noun-the action of degrading someone to the status of a mere object: the objectification of women as sexual possessions.

Reading Comprehension: Fill-ins

Because these books were written for and consumed by women, female pleasure was an essential part of every story. Villains were easy to spot: They were the ones who left a woman burning and unsatisfied. Beyond the dirty bits, the books I read described the moments before and after the main event, the stuff you don’t see in mainstream movies,  where zippers don’t get stuck and teeth don’t bump when you’re kissing

Grammar Focus: Word Recognition

I have no idea how much, if any, X-rated material Mr. Ansari or his date consumes. Statistically, we know that modern men and women have access to every kind of explicit material, literally in their pockets.