Answer Key: Beauty

Lesson Plan: Beauty is Only Skin Deep…Or So They Say

II. While Reading Tasks

Word Inference

  1. speechwriter |ˈspēCHˌrītər| noun-a person employed to write speeches for others to deliver.
  2. candid |ˈkandid| adjective-truthful and straightforward; frank: his responses were remarkably candid | a candid discussion.
  3. flawed |flôd| adjective- blemished, damaged, or imperfect in some way flawed crystals.
  4. appearance |əˈpi(ə)rəns| noun-the way that someone or something looks: I like the appearance of stripped antique pine.
  5. tumor |ˈt(y)o͞omər| noun-a swelling of a part of the body, generally without inflammation, caused by an abnormal growth of tissue, whether benign or malignant.
  6. lump |ləmp| noun-a compact mass of a substance, esp. one without a definite or regular shape: there was a lump of ice floating in the milk.
  7. siblings |ˈsibliNG| noun-each of two or more children or offspring having one or both parents in common; a brother or sister.
  8. grapple |ˈgrapəl| verb-(grapple with) struggle with or work hard to deal with or overcome (a difficulty or challenge): other towns are still grappling with the problem.
  9. lookism |ˈlo͝okˌizəm| noun-construction of a standard for beauty and attractiveness, and judgments made about people on the basis of how well or poorly they meet the standard.
  10. peers |pi(ə)r| noun-a person of the same age, status, or ability as another specified person: he has incurred much criticism from his academic peers.

Source: New Oxford American Dictionary   

Reading Comprehension

Word -Recognition

“Mr. Hoge tells us we don’t need to apply a sepia filter. I’m happy to concede the point, he says, that some people look more aesthetically pleasing than others. Let’s grant that so we can move to the important point — so what?

Perhaps we also need to spend more time pointing to some of the magnificent creatures who have walked the earth without the need for pageant ribbons or Instagram likes, but who have contributed in enduring ways.”