Charts and Organizers

Here is a selection of charts and organizers that you and your students will find helpful for many language activities. Many of them are used in the ESL Voices lesson plans.


KWL Charts

The KWL chart is the easiest way to help students organize their thoughts about a new topic. It is useful for pre-reading, while-reading and post-reading activities. It may also be used with the other skills.

Example K-W-L chart from Instructional Strategies

Advanced K-W-L chart-MSU


Pre-Reading Organizer Charts

Pre-reading Organizer By Scholastic

Pre-reading Organizer By McGraw-Hill Company.

Vocabulary Word Charts

These are great for teaching students new vocabulary, and the parts of speech.

Vocabulary word chart by Freeology


Color Vocabulary Map by Enchanted Learning


Debate Charts

Use these for student debates, or for organizing a topic.

Pros and Cons Scale Chart by TemplateLAB


WH-chart from Enchanted Learning.


Main Idea/Supporting Facts

Topic, concept or theme By Write Design.

Brainstorming Charts

Sample Brainstorming chart by UIE.

Brainstorming chart by Very

MSU: Advanced KWL Chart

Education Oasis: Pair-Think and Share-The 5Ws and How-Cluster Web

Enchanted Learning: Color Vocabulary Chart-Star Chart

TemplateLAB -Pros and Cons Chart

UIE: Brainstorming Chart

Very Brainstorming Chart