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Reconsidering The Robin

Editorial,  New York Times, March 20, 2011


This new ESL Voices blog will be a *conglomeration of topics for ESL teachers, students, and everyone else in between.

*conglomerate n. a number of different things or parts that are put or grouped together to form a whole but remain distinct entities: the Earth is a specialized conglomerate of organisms. -New Oxford American Dictionary

We’ll begin on a positive note!

Robin photo: by Ed Guthro

With all of the focus on natural disasters, wars, celebrities gone mad, and other negative news, it’s refreshing to have gentle reminders that all is not lost, nor is the world coming to it’s end (not yet anyway). Reconsidering the Robin is that reminder. A wonderful little article everyone needs to read.

In the meantime, enjoy these beautiful You tube video clips featuring Robins

To see more beautiful photos of Robins from the Smithsonian National Park.

Make this an UP day!

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