This section is for learners studying English as a Second Language (ESL) or as a Foreign Language (EFL).

Here are the following sections where students will find  information and practice:

Business Writing

Examples and tips  for  Resume writing, cover letters, and job applications.

Current Business Articles with English language Activities.

ESL Voices Lesson Plan: What NOT to put  on a résumé. Funny…and useful information.

Business Newspapers 

ESL Culture and other Resources

ESL Resources: Language Schools (USA) Colleges, Visa information, Culture Sites.

Useful  Business Articles

Seven Ways To Perfect Your Resume By  S. Adams, –One of the most challenging issues about writing a résumé is describing your  “special”  qualities. For example answering the question, “What makes you the right candidate for that job?”  This article helps answer these questions by providing seven ways to improve your resume.

Top 9 Job Sites… Mashable-Useful sites for searches in the job market.

Top 10 biggest Interview Mistakes Career –Sound advice from one of the leading job agencies in the U.S.

Language Skills

Vocabualry Review 

Useful Idioms

Listening Practice: NPR and VOA

Listening Practice with Stephen Colbert  Videos (advanced)