The Honk and Holler Opening Soon

Billie Letts

Vietnam veteran Caney Paxton lives in Sequoyah, Oklahoma, and has been wheelchair-bound for 12 years. He is the owner of the restaurant known as the Honk and Holler Opening Soon (due to an error made by the sign-maker) and has not left his place of business in a very long time. Caney is ashamed of his part in the war, and feels trapped by his wound and by his painful past. The story begins in 1985, during Christmas, and for both Caney and Molly O (who helped raised him, and who also works as a waitress in the resturant) the holidays look bleak. Business is bad, the bills are piling up, and to add to the misery, the roof has a leak. Molly O is worried about her teen-aged daughter Brenda, who is seeking her fortune in Nashville as a country musician. Things begin to perk-up when two new employees are began working at the Honk and Holler. Vena Takes Horse, a Crow Indian, signs on as a carhop, and Bui Khanh a Vietnamese refugee, works as a cook and handyman. Both have secrets of their own.

At the start the regular customers of the Honk and Holler don’t trust either of the new commers, but eventually they welcome both, especially after an act of violence threatens Bui’s life!

This is a story that speaks of the power of love, respect, and the healing power of customs and of the community.

Shoot The Moon

Billie Letts

The residents in DeClare Oklahoma, have not forgotten the murder that took place in 1972. They found the young Cherokee Gaylene Harjo dead, and her infant son, Nicky Jack abducted. The well-like preacher Joe Dawson, was accused of the murder by Sheriff Oliver “O Boy” Daniels, but only a few people in town believed the kindly Joe capable of such an heinous crime. The story opens 30 years later, when Nicky Jack, mysteriously reappears in town, determined to learn about his mother and the circumstances surrounding her death. It seems that Nicky was adopted by rich parents, and raised in the wealthy Beverly Hills area. This is a story of love, betrayal, honor and respect, all told through the diary of Gaylene Harjo

Sophie and the Rising Sun

Augusta Trobagh

This story takes place in Salty Creek, Georgia, two years before before Pearl Harbor. The story begins with Miss Anne, who is considered to be a woman of impeccable morals retelling her recollection years after, about the romance between the town spinster Sophie and Grover Cleveland Oto, the 50-year-old Japanese man from California, who everyone thinks of as Miss Anne’s “Chinese” gardner. Both Sophie and Oto have secrets. Sophie’s secret is that the man she loved never returned from WWI. Oto’s is that he ended up in Salty Creek, by accident, starved and in disgrace by a bus driver who left him there. For two years the two are aware of each other, but constrained from anything but brief, polite conversation. Each is a painter with artistic imaginations. Over time, they begin meeting at the riverbank on Sunday mornings with brushes and paper to work in companionable silence while the other townsfolk sing hymns at church. Eventually, the pressure of town gossip keeps Sophie and Oto away from each other, but the passion they feel for each other continues to intensify, until they vow to see each other in spite of the tow. This is a story about loneliness, racism, honor, respect, and the triumph of true love.

Menachem’s Seed

Carl Dierassi

Dr. Menachem Dvir and Melanie Laidlaw become lovers, when they meet at several international science and world affairs conferences over a period of time. Menachem is an Israeli nuclear engineer; Melanie serves as director of an American foundation supporting reproductive biology research. While Menachem is married and infertile, Laidlaw is a widow and childless. This story presents ethical questions about fertilization, and the religious, and personal ramifications involved.

Twenty Fragments of a Ravenous Youth

Guo Xialou

The plot centers around the life of seventeen- year-old Fenfang Wang in the fast-paced urban city of Beijing. Having lived in a remote village all of her life, Fenfang must learn the life-style of the city, it’s people and her new job as a film extra in a movie. The story is often humorous, and includes lots of food information concerning dishes such as noodles, carp’s head broth, pork and chive dumplings to name a few.

Of Love and Other Demons

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Twelve-year-old girl Sierva Maria, daughter of the Marquis de Casalduero, is bitten by a rabid dog. There appears to be no medicine that can save the her. The solution (or plot) is to commit her to the Convent of Santa Clara, where a yong priest Cayetano Delaura is brought in to “exorcize” the demon in young Sierva. This is a magical story of love as only Marquez can write.


Stephenie Meyer

This is the most recent version of the vampire.

The central character Bella Swan moves to a small town in Washington, and meet the mysterious and attractive Edward Cullen. Bella’s life takes an exciting and terrifying turn. She discovers that Edward is a vampire and has dark secrets that can destroy everybody including Bella.

This is the first book in a series; there are a total of 4 books thus far. An exciting story for vampire fans.