Ghost & Horror

Interview with the Vampire

Anne Rice

Anne Rice refreshed and up-dated the original count Dracula by Bram Stoker.

An 18th century plantation owner Louis Pointe du Lac loses everything and becomes an alcoholic. It is in this state that he meets Lestat, a powerful and charismatic vampire, who first turns Louis into a vampire, then controls his life.

The story centers on Louis’s experiences with Lestat, and how they seek out others like themselves. What is different in this story is the Lastat is being interviewed by a young reporter, which transform the vampire into a character that is human.

Great tale especially if you’re a vampire fan.


Stephenie Meyer

This is the most recent version of the vampire.

The central character Bella Swan moves to a small town in Washington, and meets the mysterious and attractive Edward Cullen. Bella’s life takes an exciting and terrifying turn. She discovers that Edward is a vampire and has dark secrets that can destroy everybody including Bella.

This is the first book in a series; there are a total of 4 books thus far. An exciting story for vampire fans.