Classics: Lesson Plans

Below are the lesson plans based on the short stories in the classic sections of the ESL Voices Library. They are listed by the author’s last name. Lessons by various authors will be added on a continuing basis.

Story: The Little Match Girl By Hans C. Andersen
Lesson Plan: The Little Match Girl
Answer Key

Story: Pride and Prejudice By Jane Austen
Lesson Plan: Pride and Prejudice (no answer key for this story)

Story: The Child’s Story By Charles Dickens
Lesson Plan: The Child’s Story 
Answer Key

Story: A Christmas Carol By Charles Dickens
Lesson Plan: A Christmas Carol
Answer Key

Story: Indian Camp By Ernest Hemingway
Lesson Plan: Indian Camp
Answer Key

Story:  The Doctor and the Doctor’s Wife  By Ernest Hemingway
Lesson Plan: The Doctor and the Doctor’s Wife
Answer Key

Story: Soldier’s Home   By Ernest Hemingway
Lesson Plan: Soldier’s Home
Answer Key

Story: Cat in The Rain  By Ernest Hemingway
Lesson Plan: Cat In The Rain 
Answer Key

Story: The Last Leaf   By O. Henry
Lesson Plan: The Last Leaf
Answer Key

Story: The Gift Of The Magi By O. Henry
Lesson Plan: The Gift of the Magi
Answer Key