Here you’ll find our favorite short stories. Eventually lessons will be written for these but for now they’re just for your enjoyment. Hemingway’s short stories from his first book In Our Time are in the order in which the stories appear in Hemingway’s book. Visit Classic Lesson Plans-Library-ESL Voices Home.

Hans Christian Andersen

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 Little Match Girl

Jane Austen

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Pride and Predjudice  (excerpt)

Pearl S. Buck

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Christmas Day in the Morning

Charles Dickens

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The Child’s Story

A Christmas Carol

Ernest Hemingway

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In Our Time-Introduction (There are fifteen short stories, (chapters) in Hemingway’s book  In Our Time. Each one begins with a short vignette.)

Indian Camp ( the story set in Michigan,  begins with Nick Adams as a young boy. His father brings him to an Indian camp and helps an Indian  woman give birth.)

 The Doctor and the Doctor’s Wife (Nick, his father and mother still in Michigan. His dad has a disagreement with an Indian man.)

The End Of Something (Nick and his girlfriend end their relationship.)

 The Three Day Blow ( Nick Adams and his friend Bill drink alcohol and talk.)

 The Battler (Nick returns from WWI and meets an old prizefighter and his friend on the railroad.)

A Very Short Story  (A short love story set in Italy.)

 Soldier’s Home (Set in Kansas, it tells the story of  a former soldier, who has trouble adjusting to civilian life when he returns home from the war.)

The Revolutionist (Set in Italy, this is the short story of man traveling from Budapest to Switzerland.)

 Mr. and Mrs. Elliot (A short story  about a married couple.)

Cat in The Rain (An American married couple stays at a hotel in Italy.)

 Out Of Season ( The story follows another married couple who encounters a soldier intent on taking them fishing.)

Cross Country Snow (Set in Switzerland, Nick Adams and his friend are on a cross-country skiing trip.)

My Old Man (The story takes place in Paris, and a man recalls his childhood growing up with his dad who was a jockey.)

Big Two-Hearted River- Part I  (Set in Michigan tells the story of Nick Adams on a fishing expedition.)

Big Two-Hearted River- Part II (A continuation of  part I.)

 L’Envoi (The final vignette in the book).

O. Henry

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The Ransom of Red Chief

The Last Leaf

The Gift Of The Magi

George Orwell

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Shooting An Elephant

Reflections On Gandhi

A Hanging

Philip Van Doren Stern

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The Greatest Gift (Excerpt)


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