Answer Key: The Doctor and the Doctor’s Wife by Ernest Hemingway

Lesson Plan: The Doctor and the Doctor’s Wife

II. While reading Activities

Vocabulary In Context

  1. *crosscut saw-noun-a saw with a handle at each end, used by two people for cutting across the grain of timber.
  2. *log boom -noun-a barrier placed in a river, designed to collect and or contain floating logs timbered from nearby forests sometimes called a fence or bag.
  3. *cant hook [kant]-noun-a wooden lever with a movable iron hook and a blunt, often toothed tip near the lower end, used chiefly for grasping and canting, or turning over logs.
  4. lazy |ˈlāzē|  adjective-unwilling to work or use energy:
  5. rot |rät| verb-the process of decaying: the leaves were turning black with rot.
  6. assume |əˈso͞om| verb-suppose to be the case, without proof:
  7. driftwood |ˈdriftˌwo͝od| noun-pieces of wood that are floating on the sea or have been washed ashore.
  8. *eyeteeth [ahy-teeth] noun- a canine tooth of the upper jaw: so named from its position under the eye.
  9. *huffy [huhf-ee] adjective-easily offended; touchy.
  10. uncomfortable |ˌənˈkəmfərtəbəl, -ˈkəmftərbəl| adjective -causing or feeling unease or awkwardness: he began to feel uncomfortable at the man’s hard stare | an uncomfortable silence.

Source:New Oxford American Dictionary

*Meanings from Wikipedia

Questions for Comprehension

1. Dick Boulton and his son Eddy,  BillyTabeshaw,  Dr. Adams, Mrs. Adams, Nick.

2. The Indians were to cut up logs for the doctor.

3. Dick  Boulton accused the doctor of stealing the wood.

4. Yes, the logs had a marking on them.

5.  Dr. Adams refuses to fight Dick Boulton because he’s afraid he’ll lose the fight.

6. He tells her that Dick owed him money which is why they argued.

7. No. Mrs. Adams says that she didn’t  believe that anyone would intentionally do such a thing. It appears that she knew her husband was not telling her the truth.

8.  He wanted to avoid the humiliation of telling his wife he was afraid to fight. It might have also been the case that Dr. Adams didn’t want to admit to his wife that he might have stolen the wood as the Indians claimed.

Questions for Reflection and Discussion

1. Omniscient – All-knowing narrator (multiple perspectives). The narrator knows what each character is thinking and feeling, not just what they are doing throughout the story.

2.  Trust, honor, respect, marriage.

3. Dick said something in Ojibway. Eddy laughed but Billy Tabeshaw looked very serious. He did not understand English but he had sweat all the time the row was going on. He was fat with only a few hairs of mustache like a Chinaman.”

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