Guest Plans Guidelines

ESL Voices welcomes Guest teachers.

There are many teachers who have wonderful and creative ways of teaching either second language learners and native English speakers. We realize that many excellent native English lesson plans are great starting points for ESL lessons at all levels.  Hence we plan to accept and present both ESL and native English lesson plans.  We’d like to share as many of these lessons and ideas as possible with other teachers. Teaching plans that are selected will be given full credit In addition,  sharing links to teaching sites is a wonderful way to build communications. So if you have a teaching website (your own or the institution where you work) please include it!  This is also a  way for teachers new to the field to become acquainted with ESL methods.

We’ll be selecting approximately 2- 3 lessons per month, and each submission will be reviewed before posting. Teachers will be notified in advanced if their lesson plan is chosen.

The following information provides  guidelines for teachers to send their lessons to be highlighted on the ESL Voices teaching site.


Please submit the following to:

Lesson plan should be no longer than 1 web page (say, up to 3-4  typed physical  pages) and should include the following guidelines.

Your name (or initials)

Email (this will not be visible to the public)

Website link (optional)

Level of students targeted by the plan ( K-elementary, High school to Advanced)

Language Skill  focus  (E.g., speaking, listening, reading, writing)

Topic ( Your favorite)

Time: Approximately how long will the activity take to complete? (e.g., 1-2 hours)

Materials: (if required)

Objective: What will students learn from this lesson?

You do not have to include an answer key, however, please  include the source material  on which your lesson is based. For example, a news article ( include the name of the paper and author) book excerpt (name and author) etc.

Look forward to hearing from you!