Many educators and schools are finding it difficult to provide material for ESL (English as a Second Language) students as they enter the United States. One of the main goals is to have L2 learners become proficient in English as quickly as possible and to be able to function in their new environment. ESL Voices provides  free weekly integrated-skills lesson plans (with answer keys) to teachers. The material is intended for intermediate to advanced  speakers, however, lessons can be modified to accommodate most levels, including non-ESL students. The lesson plans are based on current articles from a variety of major newspapers and magazines. Click here for the CURRENT LESSON or view previous Lesson Plans. Visit: Business Writing, ReadingWriting, Speaking, Listening, Vocabulary, Grammar, Charts & OrganizersResources for TeachersSite Map.


The Lesson Plans for ESL Voices are as interesting and  diverse as our students! Click on a photo and see.
The World of Synesthesia. Photo- The Big Think

Self-Portrait With Straw Hat WikicommonsThe Shodor Education Foundation, Inc.The art of listening. Photo- KylesteedHuntress Ashol-Pan. Photo- Asher Svidensky.Drawing By Gary Taxali, NYT Slide Show tiffCrow

Berkeley’s Extension School offers several L2 programs.

Boston University’s CELOP program makes learning English fun.

Cornell University’s School of Continuing Education offers intensive English instruction.

MIT’s Spouses and Partners Program offers intensive ESL classes.