Answer Key: Fantastic Beasts

Lesson Plan: Some ‘Fantastic Beasts’

II. While Reading Activities

Word Inference

  1. debut |dāˈbyo͞o| noun a person’s first appearance or performance in a particular capacity or role: the film marked his debut as a director.
  2. shocking |ˈSHäkiNG| adjective causing a feeling of surprise and dismay: she brought shocking news.
  3. tote |tōt| informal   verb [ with obj. ]carry, wield, or convey (something heavy or substantial): here are books well worth toting home | [ as adj., in combination ] (-toting) : a gun-toting loner.
  4. mishap |ˈmisˌhap| noun an unlucky accident: although there were a few minor mishaps, none of the pancakes stuck to the ceiling | the event passed without mishap.
  5. connect  |kəˈnekt| verb form a relationship or feel an affinity: I taught in a reading program and I connected with kids individually.
  6. emanate |ˈeməˌnāt| verb [ no obj. ] (emanate from) • originate from; be produced by: the proposals emanated from a committee.
  7. observe |əbˈzərv| verb watch (someone or something) carefully and attentively: Rob stood in the hallway, where he could observe the happenings on the street.
  8. incorporated |inˈkôrpəˌrādəd| verb take in or contain (something) as part of a whole; include: he has incorporated in his proposals a large number of measures
  9. inspiring |inˈspī(ə)riNG|  adjective having the effect of inspiring someone: he was an inspiring teacher | the scenery is not very inspiring.
  10. fond |fänd| adjective [ predic. ] (fond of) having an affection or liking for: I’m very fond of Mike | he was not too fond of dancing.

Source: New Oxford American Dictionary

Reading Comprehension


While the beasts are at the heart of the film’s title, humans are at the heart of its story, said David Heyman, a producer on the Harry Potter movies: The ‘Potter’ films and this film all emanate from a place of character. Newt is an outsider, a bit like all of [J. K.’s] characters. That’s why he feels best able to connect with the beasts, though eventually he connects with people as well.  To learn how to work with them, Mr. Redmayne  spent time at wildlife parks observing animal handlers. He incorporated his research into his character, and into the movie.

Grammar: Identifying Articles

The beasts are at the heart of the film.

Newt is an outsider.

This is her debut as a screenwriter.

He has been traveling the world.

He was a producer on the “Harry Potter” movies.

The animals travel in a suitcase.

There’s a specific Bowtruckle called Pickett.